(Bali) Intermission: Silence | Past | RebirthTop:Clove I RiceMiddle:Jasmine I TuberoesBase:Musk I Frankinsense I SandalwoodThere is something (magical) about that particular night on the Island when an intermission is involved.To witness nature rest and sparks their aura towards the Island is a heaven on earth.A good 24-hour of human inactivity surely casts a spell and does magic. The stars get more sparkling. the visibility is at its best. and the aroma is all pure and divine.It is like going back in time in order to carry on to a brighter future.Every day is never the same on the Island as time is rather a concept.When the sun sets. a new night begins. Take some time alone and meditate under the starry skies. Unwind and feel your soul leaving your body to see the world through a different dimension.And every time the sun rises. a whole new day begins. Again. take some time to pray and inhale the great morning mist to alert your whole soul and body.And while the sun and the moon are taking turns. the sky blesses us with its finest color that shines through in between and its earthy aroma of surrounding.So go chase the high on the Island. Cast beyond the moon. they say. No one is ever walking out of the Island the same man. As they are recharged. they become a higher self of themselves. ‘Cause we. loonies. would always go (or even run) beyond the miles.


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